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Atelierroute Utrecht | Kersenboomgaard | Emmy van Lokhorststraat 40 | Utrecht
11 & 18 October 2020

On sunday 11 and 18 October I open my studio to the public as part of the Atelierroute Utrecht. Come and take a look between 12:00 and 17:00 and see, besides the first works that are part of my new project Welkom Marie en hoe de wereld een beetje meer werd, the result of a year artist in residence at Villa Zebra and a wall full of never shown drawings and sketches. Don't miss it! 

My Home, My Castle | Pop-up MOA | Bunnik
16 June - 31 October 2020




de Moestuin | Villa Zebra | Rotterdam
2019-2020 | March '19 - September '20

​For a period of a year I worked as an artist in residence at Villa Zebra, museum for children, as part of the exhibition 'de Moestuin'. Villa Zebra gave me the oportunity to make a seven meter long still life showing the four seasons in my vegetable garden. The young visitors helped me by making drawings of their fantasy vegetable-fruits, which I could use as inspiration during my process. It was a great year of experiment with papier marché, detailed drawing and collage.

The plan was to make the last 1,5 meter during the summer. But due to covid-19 and the closing of the museums the work is not yet finished. Nontheless from the start of June Villa Zebra is again open for public and because the exhibition is extended until end of summer you can still visit en see the finished 5,5 meters.

The exhibition also features work by among others Nicky Assman, Stefan Cools, Anne Geene, Jochem Rotteveel, Olphaert den Otter and Jessica Skowroneck.

Britt Dorenbosch Villa Zebra with fruitgroenten
Britt Dorenbosch at Villa Zebra de Moestuin
Ann deMeester at Jessica Stockholder Centraal Museum with painting by Britt Dorenbosch

Jessica Stockholder: Stuff Matters | Centraal Museum | Utrecht
2019 | 19 April - 1 September

For the exhibition Stuff Matters Jessica Stockholder was invited by the Centraal Museum to visit their huge museum collection and select items to incorporate in her show. Among the 60 works from more than 45 makers my painting Albums was shown next to still lifes by Peike Koch, Lieven Hendriks and Vincent van Gogh. 

The picture on the left shows Ann Demeester visiting the exhibition for the televisionprogram Nu te zien! with my painting in the background.

THIS ART FAIR | Beurs van Berlage | Amsterdam
Britt Dorenbosch & Tanya Long
2018 | 27-29 December

this art fair Britt Dorenbosch Dudokdegroot

Artist in residence | Despina | Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
2017 | November

At the end of 2017 I moved my studio to Rio de Janeiro for an art in residence program at Despina. The months prior I researched the elements that create a sense of home in my direct surroundings in the Netherlands. Working at Despina I was separated from my everyday belongings and therefore forced to search for other ways to feel at home. Luckily Rio was full of colours! 

Britt Dorenbosch artist in residence Despina Rio de Janeiro Bem-vindo rio
Britt Dorenbosch at studio Despina
Bem-vindo Rio Britt Dorenbosch in Brasil at Despina Rio de Janeiro Artist in Residence
visit Centraal Museum Britt Dorenbosch News

Home - new work by Britt Dorenbosch | Centraal Museum | Utrecht
2017 | 9 September - 26 November

In 2017 I worked, with support of the K.F. Hein Fonds, on a new series of paintings and drawings. In this series I researched what creates a sense of home. What are the elements that make you feel at home? And how important are memories in this process? The research resulted the exhibition Home (Thuis). 

Photo's by Anna van Kooij

K.F. Hein Art Stipend
2017 | July

I wrote two blogs about my research and process after winning the K.F. Hein Art Stipend. Read them here and here (in Dutch)


KFHein Blog 2 Britt Dorenbosch

Art Rotterdam - Prospects & Concepts | Mondriaan Fund
2017 | 9-12 February

In 2015 I received a Stipendium for Emerging Artist, hence my work was part of the exhibition Prospects & Concepts at Art Rotterdam. The Mondriaan Fund asked Stijn Huijts, artistic director of the Bonnefantenmuseum Maastricht, to curate the exhibition. Works of over sixty young artists were shown, varying from painting to photography, from objects to installations and from video to performances. I showed the first results of my research into feeling at home.


Britt Dorenbosch at Prospects & Concepts Art Rotterdam Mondriaan Fonds with Anne Kolbe
Britt Dorenbosch at Porspects & Concepts Mondriaan Fonds Art Rotterdam
Britt Dorenbosch We Like Art

Art Rotterdam - Editions & Multiples | We Like Art
2017 | 9-12 February


Art Rotterdam - Boardroom sessions | Patty Morgan 
2017 | 10 February

During Art Rotterdam Patty Morgan organised boardroom sessions presenting works from different artist who are part of this online art platform. Visitors of Art Rotterdam were invited to discuss drawings, performances, video work and one of my paintings.

Britt Dorenbosch Patty Morgan Boardroom sessions
Britt Dorenbosch wins K.F.Hein Stipend

Photo by Anna van Kooij

K.F. Hein Art Stipend | Utrecht
2016 | 23 September

Yes!! I won the K. F. Hein Art Stipend 2017 with my sketch design 'Thuis'. The jury was impressed by my very personal research proposal that yet allows the public to feel connected to the subject. Coming year I will be researching the concept of feeling at home through painting and drawing. The results will be shown autumn 2017 in the Nieuw Utrecht Kamers at the Central Museum Utrecht.

Code Rood - Portiersloge | Arnhem
2016 | 21-28 May

Code Rood asked me to exhibit my paintings at the former gatehouse of Buitenplaats Koningsweg. I took the opportunity to make it an artist in residence and lived and worked at their grounds for one week. At the end of the week I finished a room full of drawings and another room with a panoramic painting of nine meters long. Because the surroundings of the gatehouse reminded me of my childhood holidays in the east of the Netherlands every work had a direct link to my youth to recreate the happy feeling those holiday memories gave me. The drawings portray the clothes that I wore when I was a child, they are scaled up to my current size. The panoramic painting is based on pictures of the holidays near Winterswijk. For the results see Home at Code Rood.


Britt Dorenbosch Code Rood Artist in Residence Portiersloge
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