Thuis | Centraal Museum | Utrecht | 2017

When do we feel at home? In her work, Britt Dorenbosch (Utrecht, 1986) seeks to answer this question by drawing and painting objects from the dwellings she has inhabited, with disarming simplicity. These seemingly banal objects are more than their material appearance: for Dorenbosch they are carefully selected items, often based on her memories of her childhood home. At the same time the items are highly recognisable for the viewer, as items that may remind you of your own home or that you might just ignore with a shrug of your shoulders.

Each of these carefully composed still-lifes – of puzzles pieces in a box, a folded rug or open drawer with kitchen towels – is an experiment in painting. How strong is the impact of the colours? How can you paint soft textile with a transparent paint? What is the effect of how the image is framed? The way these simple objects are captured evokes a strong association with abstract art, which in turn creates a deliberate tension between personal recollections of home and the painting traditions of the 20th century.

Bart Rutten

Photos by Willem Popelier