Britt Dorenbosch working at Despina Rio de Janeiro Brasil Bem-Vindo Rio

Bem-vindo Rio | 2017 | Despina | Rio de Janeiro (BR)

In 2017 I worked for a month in Rio de Janeiro researching how
 you can feel at home when you are so far away from your familiar environment. Brazil is a country with a history of slavery and immigration. By holding on to their own customs or adapt those to the conditions of their new home, a culture developed where every inhabitant maintained a small part of their region of origin. Portuguese architecture, Angolan dance, Yoruba rituals, the masquerades of the Catholic carnival come together in this land.
With the work Bem-vindo Rio (Welcome Rio de Janeiro) I have made three masked female figures of three meters high, who could guide me as spiritual guardians during my journey. Their robes have a pattern of object which stand for the recognition of my Dutch home in this new environment. Further on in the creative process object appeared that represent the parts of Brazilian culture that I internalized. The result is a depiction of my process of integration as a temporary immigrant.

Read the full story about my artist in residence at Despina here (in Dutch)

Schetsboek Bem-Vindo

Bem-vindo Rio 1 | 303 x 185 cm | watercolors, gouache, colored pencil and crayon on paper

Britt Dorenbosch with Bem-vindo Rio 1 Brasil Despina
Bem-vindo Rio 1 | 303 x 138 cm |aquarel, gouache, oliepatel en kleurpotlood op papier
Britt Dorenbosch with Bem-vindo Rio 2 Brasil Despina
Bem-vindo Rio 2 | 303 x 138 cm | waterverf, gouache, kleurpotlood en oliepastel op papier
Britt Dorenbosch Despina Rio de Janeiro Brasil Bem-Vindo Rio
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